Confidence has no budget is a blog by Chris Clark.

Born in San Francisco. Proud member of the Oregon Trail Generation.

UCLA Grad with double major in Mathematics & American Studies.

The start of my career was a case study in what not to do. I jumped around from an internship at NASA working on solar power to laying tile with ex-cons to selling steel to large contractors who had no qualms about calling you reprehensible names if you were more than 2 minutes late to teaching calculus at SF State with students that would’ve been better taking a class on numeracy.

My career “settled” when I joined Apple to launch an “app store” on top of the iTunes music store. Later I moved to Google Play to launch a “music service” on top of an app store. I’m currently at YouTube trying to understand how music lives within a video service.

I am also a real estate investor. My primary focus is not optimizing capital returns, though I try not to lose money. My goal in owning a given property is to write a love letter to that specific place. It is also the best way I know of to stay grounded in the physical world and be forced to reckon with realities like climate change.

I write here to explore the new landscape of media and what that says about the interaction between history, generations and individual life stages. Given my status as a lifelong California resident I hope to layer in an understanding of how the physical space impacts the virtual (if it does at all). Though I work for YouTube, this blog represents (to the extent possible) 100% my own thoughts.